“I had been aware for a while that I needed to try something different to go deeper into the darkness of my trauma, in order to bring it to the light.

I intuitively felt that plant medicine would be a powerful ally in facilitating this work but I was carrying fear about letting go of control and new that I needed the right human guide to support and hold space for me.  Parsifal ticked all the boxes for this role.  He has a wealth of personal experience in this field, he carries a gentle strength (which for me is the embodiment of sacred masculine energy) and his care, compassion and commitment to personal and planetary transformation are clearly evident. I am extremely grateful that I found him and have no doubt that he will continue to an integral part of my ongoing healing and return to full sovereignty.  If you are serious about your healing I strongly recommend a conversation with Parsifal as he will be sure to be of assistance.

The ceremonial experience was powerful, beautiful, profound and deeply healing because I felt so safe.”

Miguel Dean

“Parsifal is a man of gentle wisdom and striking intuition. He has a playful gait and a rich, wondrous affinity with the world. He combines his study and practice of the ancient traditions with his own penetrating insights. He has been an enormous support to me in my journey, both as a representation of how much is possible and as a teacher of the path. Amongst other things, I have been led by him in hypnosis which I couldn’t recommend more highly. His deep baritone voice and magical imagination opens up the deeper folds of the mind and, with it, the possibility of something more. I trust Parsifal wholeheartedly and believe he is offering something original, powerful, and full of integrity that is vital for this moment.”

Zander Levy

‘I have known Parsifal Solomon for some 7 years now and have been blessed to be a companion on his journey of development as a shamanic/ magickal practitioner and hypnotherapist. I myself am a UKCP registered psychotherapist and spiritual healer, with now many years of experience. Parsifal is without doubt a man of deep integrity, who has now achieved significant insight and spiritual advancement using transcultural methods and this reflects in his presence as a practitioner.

I have personally witnessed Parsifal develop his abilities as a natural healer and explore his spiritual identity using Sikh mantra; British, Peruvian and Mexican shamanism, icaros/ sound and medicine song; psychotherapy and family constellations work; psychodrama and clowning; hypnotherapy, men’s circles, grief tending circles and simply through spending long periods alone in nature.

I have personally received shamanic healings using natural medicines, songs, ritual and energy work from Parsifal. He also offered me a deep session of hypnotherapy at a point of ‘spiritual crisis’ in my journey. I have always found receiving healing from Parsifal profound, professional and safe. In hypnotherapy for instance, he takes great care to empower the client to enter their own subconscious and is very aware and respectful of the client’s autonomy, boundaries and capability, which is so important whilst in the hypnotised state. He supported me to do my own work within the trance. Parsifal also has specialist knowledge around ancestral/ attachment trauma, shadow work and clearing sorcery, which are very useful skills for our time.

To summarise, I would describe Parsifal Solomon as a modern mystic who uses nature-based, multi-modal methods with Jungian themes, ritual magick, hypnotherapy and shamanic healing to support transformation, balance, self-awareness and well-being in clients. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a unique, respectful and wise practitioner and on top of that, he is down-to-earth, kind and funny too!

Thank you Parsifal for your support, love and care in my spiritual healing journey 😊

Tatanka W. O. Love