I offer brief yet deep hypnotherapy sessions, and longer in-depth work combining this creatively with many other methods.

As hypnotherapist, storyteller, poet, bard, shaman, guide, mentor, and other things besides, I weave many strands and layers into a simple healing space. All you need to do is follow what calls you, and I will guide you safely, step by step, towards your own inner resources and mystery. I can offer both structure and an intuitive, responsive approach.

I see people in-person and online. And sometimes we can go for a long walk together. I am based in Glastonbury but might also be able to arrange to see you elsewhere.

  • 30 minute hypnotherapeutic guided stories: a well-told story is one of the most ancient human forms of healing, of harmonising the inner worlds, and all their mysteries, with the forces of the outer world. It can repair inner fractures separating parts of ourselves, allowing union of mind, body, heart and soul, masculine and feminine, child and adult, and the resolution of knots, tangles, paradoxes, conflicts, and confusions. We can find the grail inside us.
  • I create a short personalised adventure just for you, combining traditional storytelling with extremely effective hypnotherapy. Gentle, relaxing, and fantastic, visit the inner realms of power and healing that you feel you need or want. Drop in deep, release tension, connect to your resources, receive nourishment, guidance, and alignment from your inner wisdom, breathe easy, and enjoy yourself…
  • Longer individual treatments: from one-off hour-plus sessions, to the holding of an ongoing therapeutic relationship, to help guide you on your journey to joy, always responsive to your needs in the moment.
  • I work with a combination of Hypnotherapy, Story, Counselling, Psychedelic Mentoring, Play, Creativity and Ceremony, Shamanic Voice and Sound work, Walking Medicine, and other means of magic and mystery, directed by intuition and what you feel you need. Please see What Is This for more about the ways I work.
    • £60ph, reduced rates available if booking several sessions/for longer work. If you are curious but feel you can’t afford this, please get in touch, I have space available for concessions.
  • Medicine Walks and Pilgrimage: a very beautiful way, connecting to the power of the earth and the sky, walking together, or in a small group, across the sacred landscape, held by ceremony, guided by your intentions, praying and communing with every step and every breath. We pay close attention to the body of the earth and her many forms of life and energy, and what they reflect of ourselves back to us. We walk our bodies out of clock time, into the time of nature, connecting to deep time, dream time, mythological time, and back. We weave dreaming and meaning back into this reality and forwards into our lives. In this space much healing can occur.
    • Walks are 3 hours and upwards, in a variety of locations.
  • Personalised Dreams and Hypnosis recordings: I record individually-tailored hypnotherapeutic journeys for you, to help with almost anything: sleep, relaxation, focus, healing, creativity, power and positivity, astral travelling – imagination has no limit. We’ll talk a little to work out what you want, or it will be part of ongoing work together, and then I’ll send you an mp3…
  • Spells: I create poetic trance spells which work on several levels simultaneously, using hypnotic patterns to move through the body and the dreaming, and into the world, my understanding of the essence of Bardic practise. In the right circumstances I can create and perform a spell, a blessing, for you, for the land, for your family, and beyond.
  • Dream Sharing Circle: do you sometimes want to talk about your dreams more? Would you like to explore their mysteries deeper? Many cultures prize dreams, for their wisdom, healing, and guidance, and they talk, sing, and dance about them daily. Speaking your dreams in a circle, and hearing those of others, can help bring the marvellous potentials of this very powerful state of consciousness further into our waking realities (and vice versa), and encourages closer intimacy with our own dreaming selves. The aim is not to analyse or find definite meaning, but to use our creativity to respond to the dream and flow with what it offers us, to breathe life into it, dance with it, and ask how we may unlock its power.
    • Glastonbury: a regular in-person circle will start very soon
    • Online: a few people have expressed an interest in trying this work online – if a couple more do I’ll start an online circle. Let me know
  • Groups, Circles, Ceremonies, Retreats: please subscribe to my mailing list to hear about upcoming group work, ceremonies, retreats, performances, and other opportunities to play and heal.
  • Expression, ‘Ethical’ Marketing, and Creative Collaboration Consultancy: In my younger days I found myself, an artist and chancer, being hired to help create a large global luxury brand (I was pretty willing…), eventually going to work for them full-time, spearheading an innovative and very succesful marketing approach which was much admired and copied across many industries. I have been deep into the belly of the beast, and seen how fundamental lies, illusions, and distortions have been so easily and widely normalised. I believe this sort of marketing (that is, 99.99% of it) is deeply unhealthy and dehumanising, even (and perhaps most insidiously) when ‘ethical’ comes in. A lot of products labelled ethical are marketed in this old, extremely unethical way, mostly because everyone else does it and it’s accepted behaviour (to turn a big blind eye…).
  • And yet it is possible to do marketing in a way which is positive for the world. This requires a foundation of certainty in the value of the product or service, a strong commitment to honesty, and an exploration of expression. Approached this way, the journey to get there can be deeply healing for the individuals involved and the whole ecosystem of the business,. It can illuminate unexpected connections and resources, and help you bring whatever you want to the world in its full power and joy.
  • I help businesses and individuals to explode convention, find and communicate the true spirit of their work, and bring empowerment to them and the world. This is a journey of the heart and of creativity. Drop me a line…